Fresh Meat & Meat Packs

Fresh Meat Packs

Meat is an important staple in many homes. Quality and convenience are key purchasing considerations.

Del Basso’s Small Goods offers the highest quality Italian fresh meat packs at affordable prices. Shop online and have the best brands and cuts delivered to your door. Ordering fresh meat packs online provides a number of benefits.

Save Time and Money

No more standing in long queues while your meat begins to thaw. Place your order from anywhere and receive fresh products every time.

Get reduced prices online, and skip paying for transportation. Cut out the middleman and buy directly from a name you can trust.

Choose from a Wider Selection

Del Basso’s Small Goods provides a wide selection of fresh meat packs including:

•             Chicken

•             Lamb

•             Beef

•             Goat

•             Veal

•             Pork

Simplify storage with family meat packs. Always have endless options on-hand for any meal. Plan ahead and order when you need it.

Explore all we have to offer in one place. Let us be your one-stop-shop for all your meat needs. We guarantee the freshest meat and fastest delivery.